#CIVLBattle Week 5!

It’s official; Anything can happen at the #CIVLBattle this summer!

Varsity GirlsEmpty After soundcheckAfter four straight opening round nights that saw the last band advance every night, including one night that saw a tie go to acts two and three, Empty After opened Week 5 with a raw three piece vox, guitar and drum performance that impressed the Aftermath crowd, still going strong with one night remaining on the qualifying round!

Captain Blast and the INCISION followed that up with a blistering set of funk/metal mayhem, and from song 1 you could tell that there was definitely blood in the water for these three seasoned sets of Mainland music sharks.

Varsity Girls closed out the night with a packed floor of local scenesters, and though the numbers were tight and the room was split, after three sets and three judge appraisals, Empty After emerged victorious to go on to round 2, and leave Captain Blast and Varsity Girls going to the mattresses (with laptops on them, which will be used for voting after Week 6) in the Wild Card Facebook Poll Showdown!

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