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February 15th 2012

RE: CIVL Radio Campaign Focus Group

As you may already know, CIVL Radio will be holding a referendum to increase student fees at the end of March. Our previous campaign and referendum in December was unsuccessful by only 66 out of 854 votes (a margin of 7%). We realize that our posters and advertising for the referendum is in need of improvement. With that in mind, we hope to improve our campaign strategy and hold a successful second referendum.

With an increased budget, CIVL Radio will be able to provide better services for students including:

- Hire more staff members

- Provide incentives for volunteers and students

- Host more events on campus and in the community

- Sponsor community projects/ non-profit organizations

- Invest in new technology and maintain our current equipment

- Fund a new tower with range from Cloverdale to Hope

- Hold more contests and give away prizes

- Create a richer environment on campus and more experiences for students

We will be hosting an open campaign meeting on February 22th at 4:30 pm to generate support for our referendum and to hear any feedback and suggestions. We will meet at CIVL Radio and proceed to a meeting room.

Thank you for showing interest in your award winning campus/community radio station. We hope to see you on February 22nd! There will be some light refreshments. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to


Kacey Oravec

CMNS Practicum Student

CIVL Radio 101.7 FM

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